Burning Man 2012 Yurt orders

To all those traveling to Burning Man 2012 – Get a Clean Air Yurt and be the life of the party.  All while watching the harsh playa winds whipping harmlessly around our expertly designed and super strong portable camping yurts.  Our portable designs can be carried by hand, fit on top, or in, any car or van or truck or even bike!   We are offering a specifically designed Burning Man Yurt for those interested complete with reflective insulation, extra tie-down points, and our signature PVC-free and Vinyl-free fabrics designed to stand up to the harsh desert sun!  Don’t wait to order (or at least call us to say that you are interested).  Price based on size 10 foot to 36 feet – Starting at $2000.  See our Zephyr Yurts for more info.

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