Occupy Wall Street and Everywhere else too!

Clean Air Yurts wants to outfit all of the nationwide occupations with yurts!

Please help us out by donating to your local occupations and telling them to purchase a Clean Air Yurt.  We are willing to give discounts to smaller occupations, but we ask those organizations with enough funds to help offset cheaper yurts for those less fortunate.

Our Portable yurts, Nor’Easter, Burning Man, and Zephyr, are particularly suited for occupations because of their ease of setup and low profile.  These yurts are considered tents and, therefore, don’t cause as many troubles with local authorities.  Every yurt we sell can stand up to the harsh winter conditions, but the Nor’Easter and Burning Man models are specifically designed for tougher conditions (fewer windows, more insulation, thicker wooden frame).

Please find ways to help your local occupation raise the money for a yurt and keep the occupation strong through the cold winter.

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