New orders in Danville, CA and New Paltz, NY

We have started a new order for a great customer out in California.  We had a goal to bring more yurt to the East Coast, but we welcome all yurt lovers, wherever they live.  Our products are certainly the best out there and we have had requests from the UK, California, Texas, Vermont, and everywhere in between.

This order will be a 14′ temporary house yurt for the owner to live in while finishing a Tiny House and a matching 14′ greenhouse yurt.  Greenhouse yurts are great for small farms as they can be moved around the farm with ease.  They work perfect for seed starting, hardening plants in the spring, covering round herb gardens, and erecting over small citrus or fragile trees in the winter.  Since they are light and portable, you can setup the yurt around a tree without disturbing it, then take the greenhouse back down in summer.

Plus we have  anew order for a custom 18′ round yurt cottage in New Paltz, NY.  This cottage will be a fully featured round house complete with cedar shingle roof, thick insulated framed walls, beautiful river views, and a local hardwood floor.  Check out the pictures of our other yurt cottage.  This next one will be similar, but always custom to fit owner’s preferences.


Let us know if we can make your yurt dreams come true.

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