Occupy Binghamton Yurt

Clean Air Yurts recently worked with some local residents and businesses of Binghamton, NY to donate a 12′ Zephyr yurt, strengthened to survive the harsh winters that they get our there.  Cheach with Occupy Binghamton at http://www.facebook.com/OccupyBinghamton to see the recent news.

We proudly support the Occupy Movement from the standpoint that large corporations have taken over the political and economic landscape of this country.  We need the reshape the laws and regulations and available information to allow for common workers and small businesses to drive the country in the direction that the majority want to move.  Wages are at an all time low relative to corporate profits.  That shows how corporations have taken the profits they have earned and invested only in themselves, not in their workforce.  Remember a time when companies took cafe of their workers and the lowest paid worker still had a chance to make a good life.

Occupy Binghamton Yurt from Clean Air Yurts at Kennedy Park

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