New Perfect Circle Technology™ Yurt Lattice

Here are Clean Air Yurts, we don’t let our age stop us from bringing about the innovations that are sorely needed in the world of yurts.  Although the Mongolians did a great job inventing the yurt, we have taken the simple lattice to a whole new level with our Perfect Circle Technology™.  Exclusive to Clean Air Yurts, Perfect Circle Technology allows us to produce yurts that weight as little as 20 pounds without a cover, or under 50 pounds with a cover.  Lighter weights are still possible, but the increase in material cost does not make it worth the weight savings.   The technology centers around a special set of vertical support bars that add strength to the lattice and make it much easier to setup than standard yurt lattices.  We won’t give away all of our secrets here, but know that all Clean Air Yurts are far beyond the competition in lattice design.

Perfect Circle Technology™ from Clean Air Yurts

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  1. Dear Jon,

    I appreciate your comments, but without ever seeing my yurts, lattice, or Perfect Circle Bars in person, you are making quite definitive statements. Saying that the lattice is overly delicate is a stretch in that each super-light lattice that I make can support hundreds of pounds of roof weight, while still being light enough for any person to lift above their head. This is without the addition of the vertical bars. Also, each bar is machined to remain attached to the lattice when folded, yet slide into position without any adjustment or additional work during setup. On top of that, they function as a stop to prevent the lattice from over extending during setup, leaving you with a perfectly adjusted lattice every time.

    Matt Rogers
    Clean Air Yurts

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