Our Yurts

Portable Yurts – Zehpyr

Fast and light for camping, travel, advertising, ice fishing, events, festivals, etc.  These yurts offer unparalleled storm and wind protection for portable structures. Set-up and take-down requires only one person and takes 15min.  Weights as low as 50 pounds make separate our yurts from the competition and allow for easy transport by any means.  Available with either natural canvas or durable polyester (no PVC) fabrics in many colors.  “Do-it-Yourself” Frame and Cover Kits Available! 

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Permanent Yurts – Sirocco

Solid wooden walls and a metal roof combine with the highest level of insulation available in any yurt to make the Sirocco, our flagship building. Insulation levels of R24+ for the walls and R40+ for the roof are available.  This yurt is a fully featured round home.  Available in sizes from 12′ to 30′ in diameter with consulting available for larger projects. Basic models available for greater cost savings. 

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