Burning Man Yurt™

The best shelter on the playa!  We have been selling Burning Man Yurts™ designed to withstand the harsh climate of the desert since 2012.

As light as 50 pounds and as big as 21 feet in diameter, our yurts are designed to be light and strong shelters to brave the world’s nastiest conditions, all while eliminating the toxic chemicals commonly found in our competitor’s fabrics and coatings. Fast and easy set up and tear down makes it perfect “leave no trace” structure.

With extra tie down points, fewer window openings, more secure doors, and seamless insulation, our Zephyr yurts are made for the playa! Check out our Portable Zephyr Yurts page for more information.

Sizes Available: 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 21′.

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