Camping Yurts

Our portable yurts make the perfect camping shelter. Our camping yurts are small enough to fit in a 4-door sedan, are fast and are easy to set up at a campsite. Camping yurts are tall enough to stand in, too!   Our lightweight and portable yurts hold true to the historical design of a truly portable building while incorporating the best of modern technology to make them lighter, stronger, and easier to set up.  Like all Clean Air Yurts, the premium hardwoods for the frame are hand-selected and locally cut from sustainable sources, plus all finishes are non-toxic and zero-VOC.

The Zephyr Yurt lattice is highly refined. Made from clear Ash, a local hardwood known for its strength and flexibility, our lattice is both light and strong. With weights as low as 20 pounds, they are truly portable. Finished with a 100% non-toxic oil finish, edges rounded for comfort, and joined with stainless steel bolts.

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