Zephyr Portable Yurt

Our portable yurt tents hold true to the historical design of a truly portable building while incorporating the best of modern technology to make them lighter, stronger, and easier to setup.  Like all Clean Air Yurts, the premium hardwoods for the frame are hand-selected and locally cut from sustainable sources, plus all finishes are non-toxic and zero-VOC.

The Zephyr Yurt lattice is highly refined. Made from clear Ash, a local hardwood known for its strength and flexibility, our lattice is both light and strong. With weights as low as 20 pounds, they are truly portable. Finished with a 100% non-toxic oil finish, edges rounded for comfort, and joined with stainless steel bolts.


Perfect Circle Technology

A unique feature from Clean Air Yurts, Perfect Circle Technology is included with all of our yurts.  Special guides are pre-installed on the lattice that allow you to set up your yurt exactly the right size and shape every time.  No tape measures, string, tools, or thinking required!  Just extend the lattice until the holes match and tighten it down.  Also increases lattice strength for high loading conditions.


Rafters are also cut from the finest clear Ash.  Integral pins made of stainless steel or carved from the rafter itself attach the rafter to the ring.  A notch in the other end cradles the tension cable and makes for easy setup.  Their small diameter reduces the packed size of your yurt.  Each set of rafters is sized according to your expected usage.

Zephyr compression ring

Compression Ring

 The Zephyr yurt from Clean Air Yurts contain one of the finest compression rings in the world of yurts.  Each ring is made from a single piece of steam bent wood.  There are no glues or laminations to fail, just solid wood and stainless steel bolts.  They are also the lightest rings around – 4.5 pounds for a 36″ ring.  Sizes from 2′-5′ in diameter.


Stainless steel truss head machine bolts, washers, and nylon locknuts. Better than rivets because you can repair your yurt yourself. Stainless steel aircraft cable with breaking strengths of up to 7000#. Sized perfectly for your yurt and permanently joined using Nicopress sleeves.

Stainless steel cold rolled pins inserted into rafter ends connects the rafters and compression ring. No rust, strong connections, and smooth setup.

We use only genuine YKK zippers, stainless steel grommets, snaps, and hooks in our covers. Our threads are top quality and UV protected and we offer seam sealing on every cover.

Fabric Covers

Clean Air Yurts has banned all PVC and vinyl from our yurts.  We feel that these fabrics are harmful to your health and the environment.  Our fabrics are safe and healthy for you to use.

Both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics designed for harsh outdoor environments are available in a variety of colors:

      • Burgandy
      • Ivory
      • Royal Blue
      • Hunter Green
      • Silver Grey
      • Raven Black
      • Sand

16' Zephyr yurt cover

Ground Cover

Our Heavy Duty Ground Cover is a perfect fit for when you will be setting up your yurt for a long time. Made from 12oz fire-resistant polyolefin fabric, it is waterproof, super tough, and easily repaired, not to mention healthy for the environment and you. Colors choices include white and green. Comes tailored to fit your yurt with a 1′ tall bathtub wall.

Greenhouse Cover

Wooden framed greenhouses are beautiful and functional, but never before have they been this portable.  We can make a durable clear cover out of a top-quality woven polyethylene greenhouse fabric that allows your yurt to be a portable greenhouse.  You can have orange trees planted in the ground and inside the yurt during winter.  Or plant crops directly in the ground earlier in the year.  Use it as a dedicated greenhouse, or get a second cover and use your yurt for camping during the summer.

Reflective Insulation

Reflective insulation extends the use of your yurt into all seasons.  This lightweight insulation is lightweight, fire-resistant, mold-and mildew-proof, and reflects heat both ways.  A layer under the roof cover keeps the yurt cool during summer and  complete layer wards off the winter chill.

Tie-Down Anchors

Yurts are great at dealing with winds and storms, but why take the chance.  Flimsy stakes and other tent products won’t hold up to the type of storms that these yurts can endure so get real heavy duty ground anchors.  These screw in anchors provide hundreds of pounds of anchoring force.

Panoramic Screen Window

Upgrade to a panoramic screen window and enjoy 460 degrees of view and ventilation!  The screen is 100% nylon (no PVC) and stops the smallest of bugs while allowing fresh breezes through.  Waterproof fabric covers zip up and down to cover the mesh and keep out wind and rain.  It is much more work to build a cover with screen, but we think it is worth the extra expense.

16' Zephyr yurt cover

Other companies use clear vinyl that yellows and dulls for their windows, but not here.  We make solid windows out of shatterproof and perfectly clear Lexan.  Permanently attached to your cover, these windows allow for years of perfectly clear views from your yurt.  Best used in winter yurts, they allow light and view without any drafts.


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